Neurorobotics in the Human Brain Project

In this talk I will report on the current stage of development of the European Union-funded, Human Brain Project’s Neurorobotics Platform. The HBP is Europe’s biggest project in Information Communication Technologies to date. It has a duration of ten years and will deliver six open ICT platforms for research in future neuroscience, medicine, and computing, aimed at unifying the understanding of the human brain and translating this knowledge into products. The HBP Neurorobotics Platform is aimed at providing an integrated and integrative operational environment for scientists to develop neurorobots. It plays an important integrative role for the other subprojects, making it a central strategic pillar of the HBP. The approach for this platform consists of providing a number of design applications for models (of environments, robot bodies, and brains) and simulation engines that are integrated into a web-based front-end. Using this web front-end, users at different locations can rapidly construct a robot model, its brain-based controller, an environment, and an execution plan. The neurorobotics platform also allows re-use and sharing of previously defined experiments, which opens a new area of collaborative neurorobotics research.